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Exchange project Wiesbaden – Amersfoort

Last week we enjoyed the second part of the exchange project between the Corderius College in Amersfoort and the Carl-von-Ossietzky-Schule in Wiesbaden. The 'we' I'm talking about are five Dutch students (two boys and three girls) and five German students (five girls). The purpose of this exchange program was to get to know the differences between the people and the culture of two countries between which there could be less differences than we might think. We expressed these differences and the things we have in common in paintings we made together.
In January the five German girls came to Holland and made, inspired by van Gogh, paintings about the prejudices we both had about our countries.

Last week (3-9 September) we, 'the Dutch People', came to Wiesbaden to paint about how we experienced the reality. But we did more. We walked around Wiesbaden and the girls went shopping a lot.... On Wednesday we went to the Neroberg to the Kletterwald. We had a lot of fun together and because of the nice activity we did together we had a very nice time. On Thursday we went to Frankfurt and heard about the very interesting and important history of Frankfurt. We also went on the top of the Main Tower, from where we had a beautiful view over the landscape around Frankfurt and Wiesbaden.

To conclude; we had so much fun together and learned a lot about each other and our countries. I wouldn't doubt about doing an exchange again because of the contacts you get with a land and its people. The adventure of going to an unknown place and to meet new people brings nice surprises with it always.
I would really recommend everybody to do such a thing while you still have spare time and the energy to do it.
I, and I can speak for all the participators, enjoyed it really much and I will not easily forget the Carl-von-Ossietzky-Schule.

With good memories I will leave this school, this town and this country!

Niek Kalkman

Danique van der Bijl
Renée Klein-Schaarsberg
Mirte van Os
Stan Lettink
Niek Kalkman

Sophia Schreiber
Jeanne Desbuleux
Antonia Schibberges
Kristina Kaltenbach
Maya Adler

Erstellt am 13. September 2012
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